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Unofficial Music Video for "Roll the Dice"

Some clips from my travels up the 101.  You'll see the inside of a 4,000 treehouse



 Starting with guitar at the age of only 13, Jess Jones became quickly attached to writing music and soon after, began writing full songs. Studying classical guitar and voice at the Crane Music School opened her up to more options and influence as a songwriter and performer. It was around that time Jones joined an a cappella group and shortly after, a duo group called From Another Mister. The group performed around campus as well as the Wildcard Music Festival in Buffalo NY. It wasn't until relocating to Los Angeles that the songwriter began collaborating with other artists to release a debut EP.

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09.20 Westwood Village Farmer's Market 3-6pm

09.23 West LA Farmer's Market 10:30am - 2pm

09.27 Westwood Village Farmer's Market 3-6pm

10.04 Westwood Village Farmer's Market 3-6pm

10.11 Westwood Village Farmer's Market 3-6pm

10.25 Westwood Village Farmer's Market 3-6pm

11.06 Pour Vous 9:30pm

"Roll the Dice" -Single

 Laying out one's soul in song is the best way to define this inspiring track by Los Angeles based musician Jess Jones. "Roll The Dice" is essentially a story with music, an autobiographical piece describing Jess Jones and her decision to move to LA from upstate New York. The single will be released on August 17th.

The music is upbeat and inspiring, while the lyrics are more personal and profound. With this balance "Roll The Dice" becomes quite a catchy tune starting off with acoustic guitar and adding bass, organ and drums in an easy to follow progression, and the song rapidly turns into a catchy folk tinged tune . The concept of taking oneself out of your comfort zone and exploring new chances is, in this day in the US, a popular topic of discussion, and Jess Jones manages to sing about her experience in a beautiful way.


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